Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Fuel to Her Fire

WEATHERFORD, TX — From Africa to Weatherford, Dana  Blankenship always knew there was a  right and wrong to everything in life. She  — By Joy Brooks is a woman who spends her time in service  of others. “Very early on in life I was already a social worker,” Dana shared. Her zeal to help […]

Master of the Garden

WAXAHACHIE, TX — With the promise of spring in the air and warmer weather weather on the horizon, March is the time of year when many people start to think about home and lawn improvements. Some areas of focus are greener, healthier lawns; designing colorful landscaping projects; soil maintenance; planting gardens and cleaning out […]

One Switch at a Time

CEDAR HILL, TX — America has seen its share of strange fads in the past 50 or so years. Many people have a pet rock stuffed deep into their catch-all drawer, probably sitting next to the remains of their troll doll collection. And what woman’s closet is complete without a pair of hot pants […]

An Officer and a Gentleman

RED OAK, TX — Duty, honor and country — these three powerful words were indelibly marked into America’s consciousness when spoken by General Douglas MacArthur in his famous 1962 farewell speech given to the Corps of Cadets at West Point. These words usually evoke images of present and former members of our nation’s armed […]

Beauty in Pain

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — Out of tremendous pain, great beauty can flow. Nicole Gleason grapples with life’s sometimes turbulent changes by putting her emotions into poetry. An excerpt from her poem “Bittersweet Rose” looks at the juxtaposition of beauty and pain in one object: Tearing the pedals/ Of an innocent rose/“He loves me, He loves […]

Economy of Charity

MANSFIELD, TX — One routine question from many high school students is: How do I earn extra credit? Completing an extra assignment or answering a particularly difficult question on a test typically earns students a few extra points to bump up a grade. But for Mike Gallaher and his dual credit program classes, the […]

Glass Stories

GRANBURY, TX — Passion for art is evident in her eyes when Cynthia James works or talks about art — her love for textures, shapes and colors flickers, growing into a flame. Different shapes and sizes appear throughout her work, at times a very distinct form, yet in other instances seemingly random. “Sometimes I […]

For What It’s Worth

ENNIS, TX — An antiques connoisseur who moved to Ennis five years ago may miss old haunts back in North Carolina, but he’s found the Texas market for period furniture and fine art as exciting as anywhere else in the country. “Relocating is always an adjustment, but I’m very happy here now, and the […]

Celebration of Life

CORSICANA, TX — Maybe it was Ruby Williams’ birthplace that set her life of service in motion. Born in the Navarro County farming community of Providence, Ruby has always felt a duty to work hard in her church, for her family and for her community. Hard work was nothing new for her tenant farming […]

Peaceful Strides

BURLESON, TX — Jessica Prickett began her running career in middle school. “I was not a great runner at the time,” she said. “No one knew about me, but I kind of liked running.” She stuck with it, and by her freshman year she was coming into her own, running on the varsity team […]