Weatherford NOW

Play Ball

Smack! It’s the child’s first hit of the baseball season. The crowd cheers, “Run!” The child takes off to first base as the opposing team moves to make the play. This is a typical scene from America’s favorite pastime, but for those taking the field with the Miracle League of Parker County, the game […]

Tending to Others

  Whatever the need is for the senior citizens of Parker County, Ann Durant is there to fill it. At 72 years of age, she isn’t slowing down in her efforts to daily serve and care for the hundreds of seniors who pass through the doors of the Parker County Senior Center and even […]

Decades of College Memories

Rarely do you find a person who has been in the same profession for over 50 years, and it is even rarer to find that person still passionate and excited about their job. For Weatherford College Athletic Director and Women’s Basketball Coach Bob McKinley, the last 52 years of coaching have been filled with […]

Shooting Straight

Carrie Burge entered a big pavilion holding 2,000 people in Argentina. Years of practicing with a bow and arrow, numerous competitions and a great deal of faith brought her to the international event. Huge Roman-style pillars lined up in two rows, a large fire pit in between them. She stood at the highest point […]

Improving the Days

Located a few blocks from the county courthouse in what used to be the train depot, the Chamber of Commerce serves Weatherford in many ways. Jennifer Williams occupies an office that used to be the ticket booth. When she came to work four years ago as the executive assistant to Chamber President Tammy Gazzola, […]

One of the Boys

The American cowboy portrays an image of honesty, hard work and integrity. The cowboy takes care of his own and is proud of his western heritage. Through television and radio programs, poems and music, Red Steagall strives to ensure western heritage isn’t lost. Red lives by the values of the Old West — values […]

Thrill of the Catch

Young and old alike have delighted in sitting lakeside or out on the waves, casting their lines in hopes of hooking the fish that will become the subject of retold tales. The big catch is always in the back of a fisherman’s mind as he or she waits patiently for a tug on the […]