North Ellis County NOW

Setting Strategies

Have you ever met someone, and when they stepped into the room, you knew they were present? There are some who are recognized by their quiet demeanor and few words, yet when they speak, they speak volumes into a circumstance. This is the type of individual John Wayne characterized in The Quiet Man. When […]

Reason to Ride

There are a lot of ways people deal with grief. It can be paralyzing to lose a family member or a truly close friend who knows your heart better than anyone else. In one moment, they are standing alongside you, and in a second, they are gone. When such things happen, we don’t understand […]

Painting Her Own Path

The 21st century ushered in revolutionary economic and technological advances, and some would argue these advances helped reduce the stability of the American workforce. Young adults are learning to adapt to this new normal, and have started to reject the notion that multiple jobs over the course of a career signifies a lack of […]

Getting the Fever

Classic cars simply have curb appeal — and road appeal. Just ask Jimmy and Brenda Cauthen of The Cruisers Club. Jimmy serves as president of the club, which started in 2001, and Brenda is the treasurer. Both are as passionate about cruising and showing and fixing up cars as anyone can be. Having gone […]

A Winter Wonderland

“Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right in your front window…” Christmas traditions are created every year around the world, but at Alden and Tammy Daniels’ home in Red Oak, the best ones remain the same. With a waving, smiling, cookie-eating Santa in the front window and unique ornaments hanging from several […]

Seeing Beyond Circumstances

As a youngster, Tameji Berry enjoyed spending time with friends and keeping up with the latest fashion trends. She was an only child in a single-parent household, but she was blessed with a mother who had high hopes and dreams for her daughter. Tameji now lives in a beautiful neighborhood in Ovilla. But growing […]