Daily Archives: February 1, 2016

Dino Duo

Preserving the past is no small feat when the specimens tower two stories overhead and stretch 30-plus feet long. Dr. Art Chadwick and David Stair make it their mission to put into safekeeping as many dinosaur bones as they can excavate from eastern Wyoming hillsides. At the headquarters on the campus of Southwest Adventist […]

Archaeological Fascination

Mary Love Sander’s family roots run deep, from Corsicana northward to Dallas. She has remained involved in Corsicana in many ways, most of which reflect her interests in archaeology, genealogy, history and the arts. “I would have majored in archeology in college, but my family thought if I did, I would end up in […]

A Vision for the Future

The first thing a visitor to Art Del Barrio’s office sees is a large Ennis Lions football poster that reads, “We don’t hang it up after five rings.” Art proudly designed the poster, and beyond it, in an overstuffed office, he spins multiple plates — first kneeling at a low, secondary computer tapping out […]

Turning the Pages

Morgan Lindsey, RN, is the mother of Levi, a 1-year-old boy born at Lake Granbury Medical Center. Before Levi came into the world, Morgan worked in the obstetrics and gynecology unit as one of LGMC’s nurses. With her husband, Eric, Morgan planned for a healthy family — and their vision involved books. They each […]

It’s All About the Kids

As the weather warms, the crack of baseball bats will soon begin to sound. It’s time for youth league players to step up to the plate with confidence and begin making positive lifetime memories. Serving as president of the Mansfield Youth Baseball Association since January 2008, Kevin Lewis and fellow board members have made […]

Redneck Barbecue

When entering the home of Raymond and Dotti Holman, the tantalizing aroma of barbecue beckons the taste buds to indulge in meat so tender it brings new meaning to the words “melt in your mouth.” Entering about seven competitions a year, the Holmans have mastered the art of barbecuing. It all started when Raymond’s […]

Painting Her Own Path

The 21st century ushered in revolutionary economic and technological advances, and some would argue these advances helped reduce the stability of the American workforce. Young adults are learning to adapt to this new normal, and have started to reject the notion that multiple jobs over the course of a career signifies a lack of […]