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A Baker’s Dozen

WAXAHACHIE, TX — The wonderfully delicious smells permeate the hallways of Waxahachie High School even before patrons reach the door. Once the door is opened, they realize they have entered another dimension. They’ve entered The Reservation, the on-campus restaurant where Joel Skipper, executive chef, and his baker’s dozen take center stage. “The Reservation opened much […]

Performing for Change

BURLESON, TX — Christians observe many traditions around Easter. Some start 40 days before Easter Sunday with a time of reflection, fasting and penance that represents the 40 days Jesus spent alone in the wilderness before starting his ministry. Some continue 50 days following Easter Sunday, including the celebration of Jesus’ ascension into heaven. […]

Painting Large

CEDAR HILL, TX — The parks and recreation building in Waxahachie has a new face — or rather several new faces. A welcome addition to the building, lead painter Aryn Dalton transformed the brick and stucco wall into a larger-than-life depiction of sports figures and symbols. Within the painting, sub-scenes create a unique design sure […]

Dots, Bams and Cracks

GRANBURY, TEXAS — Early in 1963, Betty Smallin found herself in California, a young mother and housewife who didn’t know anyone in the area. Fortunately, the family next door moved in about the same time. The two young mothers shared a common malady — neither had local friends. The neighbor told Betty about a new […]

Abel is Able

WAXAHACHIE, TX — Brian and Heather Rose knew early on in the pregnancy that their little boy would come into the world with a birth defect. “At 14 weeks, I had my first sonogram,” Heather remembered. “They found fluid on his brain. I was sent to a specialist where I had a more detailed sonogram.” […]

To the Summit

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — A cool breeze drifted through the craggy slabs of granite as father and son, Cliff and Matthew Hackler, stood where only a few have dared. The 32 F temperature hardly made a difference as they looked around at the gray-plated ground they had just hiked, jutting mountain peaks and lakes that looked […]