Daily Archives: February 5, 2015

Shooting from the Sky

ENNIS, TX — Craig Meier, a born and reared Ennisite, works as a full-time auctioneer in Dallas and Ellis County. However, these days he might be more recognizable as one of the stars of the hit TV show Heli-Hunter on the Sportsman Channel. “I’ve been hunting since I was old enough to walk and follow […]

Love in Action

CORSICANA, TX — She’s never left Corsicana, because she loves it here. However, today’s Corsicana is very different from what she remembers from her childhood. “We didn’t have a car, so we walked everywhere,” Gertrude said. “We’d make our own toys and play hopscotch. Every parent took care of everybody’s children. Now, all the children […]

In the Present

The journey called life is filled with joys, complications, lessons and experiences. Based on their personal interests, aptitudes, desires and dreams, every person has the power to experience life on their terms and find their footing through trial and error. Essentially, this is the definition of self-discovery, and it’s exactly how Angela Madison leads […]

Helping Them Soar

BURLESON, TX — In this city of character, Molly C. Denson operates in full-spectrum generosity. Teaching her students at Kerr Middle School with respect so they will learn to respect, she tells them over and over again, “You’re not a failure.” And as every good employer will do, Miss D. works with each student according […]

Kiss the Cook

WEATHERFORD, TEXAS — Romance can be discovered in many ways. Some may find it in simple gestures of love with a quick embrace or a stolen kiss. Others may enjoy an evening out or a romantic weekend getaway. For J.B. and Lori Gross, romance is found in their kitchen nearly ever y day, as they […]

Dots, Bams and Cracks

GRANBURY, TEXAS — Early in 1963, Betty Smallin found herself in California, a young mother and housewife who didn’t know anyone in the area. Fortunately, the family next door moved in about the same time. The two young mothers shared a common malady — neither had local friends. The neighbor told Betty about a new […]