Monthly Archives: October 2013

Neighbors Joining Neighbors

DUNCANVILLE, TX — The New Testament parable of the Good Samaritan addresses the question: “Who is my neighbor?” The parable followed a summation of the Old Testament law as loving God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and loving your neighbor as yourself. The question was most likely directed at narrowing the […]

Downhome Civics 101

RED OAK, TX — When Sandy Galletta lived in DeSoto, she was an active member of her community. To say she was burning the candle at both ends was probably an understatement. When she moved to Red Oak, she was determined to scale back her civic responsibilities. But one too many coincidental conversations with […]

Making Better People

ENNIS, TX — When most people look back on the years they spent in school, there’s a tendency to reminisce about those who made it tick. More times than not, there are a handful of staff members who made a particular and lasting impact. Sometimes it’s a teacher or a coach. For others it could be a […]

The History of Growth

WEATHERFORD, TX — The history of the landscape has always been interesting to Terry Hughes. He first got involved in land surveying when he was just a boy growing up in Weatherford. Terry’s father, Tommie Hughes, purchased a land surveying company in Weatherford back in the early 1960s. “From the time I was big enough […]

C’est la Vie

GRANBURY, TX — Geri Lowry is a Renaissance woman. This vivacious businesswoman is also an artist. Retired from several careers as a real estate agent, seamstress, writer and public speaker, Geri recently wrote a sweet little book, The Rats of Grandville, about a group of nine women who gathered in a loft to knit. When they began making little […]

In High Cotton

KERENS, TX — Only a few residents of Kerens have firsthand memories of the days in the 1930s when the town lived its motto: “Kerens, the Champion Cotton Center.” By the year 1933, Kerens, established in 1881 as a railroad town, was receiving, processing and marketing over 23,000 bales of cotton yearly through its […]

Full Circle

BURLESON, TX —  When Megan Holloway headed to college, she didn’t pursue a teaching degree. With a long ancestral history of educators, no one imagined she’d choose a degree in fashion design. She broke tradition — or so everyone thought. Before long, Megan realized fashion wasn’t the career she wanted. Seeking direction, she discovered […]

Learning from a Horse

WAXAHACHIE, TX — In April 2010, 20-year-old U.S. Army enlistee Heather “Bunny” Gaughan reported to Fort Leonardwood, Missouri, for basic training. The following year, she was deployed to Afghanistan’s Kunar Province and stationed at Forward Operating Base Bostick in the 27th Infantry Regiment, also known as the Wolfhounds. “I was trained as an ‘88Mike,’ […]