Daily Archives: October 1, 2012

Into the World

WEATHERFORD, TX — From a booth at a local taco shop, Tim Jarrell writes his sermons. He watches the customers and thinks, What would I have to say to get him or her to think twice about something? This ability to understand other people’s points of view helps him pastor Couts United Methodist Church. He […]

All Things of Life

WAXAHACHIE, TX — What brought Chautauqua to Ellis County? The Texas Synod of the Cumberland Presbyterian (C.P.) Church made the decision to move their Chautauqua Summer Assembly from Glen Rose, Texas, for the 1900 Assembly. “Glen Rose failed after two years. People couldn’t get there,” Kirk explained. “In 1899, the bid for a new host […]

Hope from a Bread Truck

DESOTO, TX — Imagine a scene between two people just meeting, sharing stories about their lives, speaking about their mutual passion for helping the homeless and their dreams of someday opening a shelter and making a real difference in the world. Now imagine those two as unemployed 50-somethings in line for a polygraph test at […]

The Right Track

RED OAK, TX —  Positive role models made a difference in Greg Johnson’s life, inspiring him to help others – whether it’s as a youth mentor, as a church leader or as a living example of paying it forward. “It started with a young man coming to me and asking if I needed any […]

Drawing for Glory

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — Looking upon the face of her newborn, the mother could not help herself. She had to touch her, had to hold her, had to kiss her. Swaddled in blankets, only her tiny face was visible. Tenderness and love were etched into every line on the mother’s face as she lowered her lips […]

Golden Dreams

MANSFIELD, TX — You wouldn’t know it just by looking at him, but A.J. Bailey is one of the fastest people you will ever meet. He is a freshman sprinter at Texas A&M, who is on the brink of competing at the highest levels of track and field, and he relentlessly trains to get even […]

Milestones and Memories

ENNIS, TX —  Although Cassie Ortiz is busier than ever this year as the director of the Ennis Lionettes, she is having the time of her life. “The Lionettes are celebrating their 25th anniversary,” Cassie explained, with excitement evident in her voice. “I’ve been out of high school for 10 years, and this year’s […]

Pumpkin Patch Pleasures

Corsicana, TX — The Main Street Pumpkin Patch pumpkins, grown and harvested on a Navajo Indian reservation near Farmington, are about to make their presence known in Corsicana. During the last several months, the Main Street Pumpkin Patch Planning Committee has been working hard to ready the Corsicana Visitors Center and downtown for the event, […]

Rugged Heritage

BURLESON, TX — The tales of the Old West often paint a picture of tough, gunslinging, grizzly cowboys, rugged outlaws and Texas Rangers all galloping across the rough terrain in pursuit of justice or revenge. Some have scruples, while others take the law into their own hands determined to get their man, dead or alive. […]

Animal Affection

GRANBURY, TX — He was a tiny mess of matted black fur, pitiful, whining and so sick from vomiting he was nearly dead when Kay Collerain discovered her Labrador mix, now 4 years old. The puppy, later named Moose, was just 5 weeks old when Kay found him sitting on her woodpile surrounded by fierce […]