Daily Archives: January 1, 2012

Committed to CASA

WEATHERFORD, TX — For many, a new year means a new commitment. Joe Birmingham made the commitment to volunteer as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Parker County just over a year ago. When he first heard about the program four years ago, he thought it might be a perfect fit for him. “Our […]

From East to West

WAXAHACHIE, TX — Being a concerned citizen is the main qualification needed for the Adopt-a-Block program. The idea for adopting a block originated with Jim Kauffman, a resident who is centrally located in Waxahachie. For the program to find success, he knew it had to reach from east to west. He didn’t reinvent the wheel; […]

Seek and Ye Shall Find

DESOTO, TX — When one door closes and another doesn’t open, Job Seekers Ministries will help you find a window. During a time when landing jobs is more competitive than ever, a group of volunteers from DeSoto’s First United Methodist Church is dedicated to helping locals find employment. “I had been laid off from two teaching […]

Lending a Hand

RED OAK, TX —  “I don’t really like attention,” John Keane said, smiling but a bit uncomfortable. “I prefer to be behind the scenes.” Being a teacher, husband and father to four outgoing children, and grandfather to four, his quest for relative anonymity has been successful. Now, however, being on the board of the Ellis County Habitat for Humanity, […]

Full-time Student, Full-time Star

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — Lauren Tryon is now one of music’s bright rising stars, but when she auditioned for American Idol, she never made it past the first round. Though she sang well, the judges never even glanced at her. “It was awful,” Lauren recalled with a shudder. “One of them was texting the whole time.” […]

The Right Thing To Do

MANSFIELD, TX — Rob Schulz is extremely reluctant to talk about himself. He’s not impolite about it, but he’d just rather not be the main topic of conversation. That just seems to be his style. But his excitement grows when the conversation turns to his efforts in the community, especially the project known as Mansfield […]

No Regrets

ENNIS, TX — Birthdays are very special days. First birthdays are filled with photos of cake- smeared faces, while gold bells and streamers mark a 50th birthday. But turning 100 is the ultimate milestone, just ask Richard Clark. “I’ll be 100 on January 3,” he said. “I’ve seen a few old people in my time, […]

A Champion’s Roadmap

CORSICANA, TX — It was legendary showman P.T. Barnum who produced the first recorded American pageant, after testing the waters with dog, baby and bird beauty contests back in 1854. Although it was soon closed down by public protest, Barnum’s original idea — create a forum for candidates to compete against others as the […]

Above All Else, a Fiddler

BURLESON, TX — Give Chad Jones a fiddle these days and with a partner and the opportunity to perform, the heart-melting sound of twin fiddles will quickly explain his passion. He began taking guitar lessons in June 2009, the summer after sixth grade, and by the following June, he had signed up for his first […]