Daily Archives: December 31, 2013

Allemende Left and Dosado

CORSICANA, TX —  When Charlie and Debbie Ray retired and moved to the Lake Richland Chambers area, they were anxious to meet people and get involved in their newly adopted community, so they joined Lakeside United Methodist Church. However, Charlie and Debbie did not anticipate that, following a Barn Stompers demo dance at Lakeside, […]

The Man in the Mirror

ENNIS, TX —  There’s something different about Martin Torres. At first glance, it’s difficult to see exactly what that difference might be. Perhaps it’s his dark, deep eyes that put those around him at ease. Or perhaps it’s the soft, happy smile that seems to always be spread across his face. Today, Martin seems […]

Learning Forever

GRANBURY, TX —  Our teachers juggle many tasks, from classroom instruction to tracking attendance. When Coach Leta Andrews’ students are absent consistently, she follows up with parents and counselors to achieve her greatest goal — seeing young people come to school happy, ready to meet the challenges in front of them every day. “There’s […]

A Mental Game

MANSFIELD, TX —  “I practically live in a bowling alley,” E.B. Holschuh laughed. As the bowling coach of the Frontier High School Bowling Club and a league bowler himself two nights a week, E.B. has found joy in rolling a perfectly round ball down a slick lane. “It’s 10 frames of you trying to […]

A Blessing Given

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — That cold grey morning, thousands stood in the drizzling rain waiting for a national hero to be driven by — Midlothian’s own Chris Kyle, the decorated Navy SEAL whose murder shocked the nation. Standing respectfully along with the others was Marty Logan, champion drag boat racer. “I’ll never forget it,” he shared. […]

Ride of Respect

DESOTO, TX —  Jerry and Janice Hall and Dorothy and Tommy Brock ride with the Patriot Guard Riders out of respect for soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Army veterans Tommy Brock and Jerry Hall will never forget returning to America from the Vietnam War and the negative public opinion returning […]

Little Blessings

BURLESON, TX — Stories of blind people achieving more than anyone expects inspire and encourage others to do great things. For most, such tales are little more than great stories. For Tonya Harden, the accomplishments of blind and visually impaired students mean she, with a team of other professionals in the Burleson ISD, has […]