Monthly Archives: August 2012

Big Boots to Fill

WEATHERFORD, TX — Many students are headed off to college. The Parker County Aggie Moms’ Club has been instrumental in getting some local teens get there. The club’s main focus is to raise money for local Texas A&M University students and the school through scholarships and other support functions. Both Cathy Cobb and Lori […]

If the Shoe Fits

WAXAHACHIE, TX — Jerry Schwartz had cleaned and trimmed the horse’s front right hoof and was nailing the shoe on. Holding the upside-down hoof between his knees, he deftly hammered three nails into the left side of the shoe left- handed, then switched hands to drive the other three in. This was the tricky […]

The Story of Summer

DESOTO, TX — Many girls dream of becoming actresses but don’t. Summer Selby-Drew did. “By the time I was 8, I knew I wanted to act and make my own choices,” Summer recalled. “I grew up in a strict environment. Choices were made for me. In college, I finally found my own freedom to […]

Music Manipulation

RED OAK, TX — Alan Thomas speaks two languages: English and music. As a precocious preschooler, he learned to read both of these at the same time. His parents were both professional musicians, and he grew up listening to his father teach private lessons in their home. From that foundation, Alan grew into an […]

Inspired by Fantasy

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — Putting pen to paper can be an assignment. Painting a picture of nature might be a hobby. Doodling shapes and designs is, for many, a habit like biting fingernails. But for an artist, creating a scene where before there was simply blank space is not any of these things. Creating art […]

Books for Babies

MANSFIELD, TX — For most people, reading is an everyday occurrence — a skill taken for granted and done without thinking. Unfortunately, there are many adults in the community who cannot read, and illiteracy holds them back financially, professionally and personally throughout their lives. The earlier in life a child learns to read, the […]

Pride of Place

AVALON, TX — The tornado that swept through Avalon last year nearly destroyed a 75-year-old school gymnasium, but its rebuilding has been a rallying point for the campus and the community. “It was a blessing in disguise,” said Avalon ISD superintendent, Dr. David Del Bosque. “We weren’t sure the old gym could be saved, […]

Natural Born Athlete

CORSICANA, TX — When Joseph “Joe” Sobek died in 1989 at age 79, he held the honor of being the official creator of the popular indoor sport of racquetball. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, when Joe noticed how big his waistline was growing, he looked for an indoor racquet sport he could play to combat […]

Love in a Box

BURLESON, TX — Sara Pryor did not wait to get drafted into the Support Our Soldiers project. She joined willingly. She realized the lifestyle enjoyed by most Americans has much to do with people overseas fighting for freedom. Acknowledging that military men and women are in need of encouragement, support and supplies, Sara rallies […]

Musical Inspiration

WEATHERFORD, TX — Sunshine enjoys performing on stage. She has been singing since she was a little girl. Her mother used to tell her she was singing before she could talk. She started playing guitar at 15 and never put it down. After graduating with honors from Texas Wesleyan University in 2010, Sunshine started […]