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Saying Yes

Social media plays a significant role in the creative life of Tiffany Carlen. Every time she conquers a fear and says, “Yes!” to an opportunity taking her outside of her comfort zone, she posts for all her friends to see her step of faith. For instance, last year she was panicked when she was […]

Making People Happy

This month, a lithe seventh-grader from Crowley’s H.F. Stephens Middle School will be in New York City. Jillian Key is hoping to visit Juilliard, the college she’s dreamed of since she was 7 years old. Her mission in The Big Apple is to perform in a musical called Look Up with a troupe of […]

Dino Duo

Preserving the past is no small feat when the specimens tower two stories overhead and stretch 30-plus feet long. Dr. Art Chadwick and David Stair make it their mission to put into safekeeping as many dinosaur bones as they can excavate from eastern Wyoming hillsides. At the headquarters on the campus of Southwest Adventist […]

Rocket Up: Take Two

In recent years, NASA has proposed space exploration, private spaceflight and a scientific research station on the moon. Their vision is to fabricate a lunar base by the year 2024, where astronauts will create a permanent laboratory in which they will be living and working to create a settlement. A manned mission to Mars is the […]