Monthly Archives: January 2015

WAXAHACHIE, TX — Ralph Cooke has long been a hidden treasure in Waxahachie. His friend, Brown Street Church of Christ elder Glenn Perryman, believes it is time for that to change. “Ralph recently celebrated his 90th birthday,” Glenn said. “He’s a true craftsman and artist whose work has rarely been seen beyond his family and […]

Sport of a Lifetime

BURLESON, TX — For those who love the sport of tennis, the pop of a ball against the pavement and the squeak of shoes moving across a court are exhilarating sounds. Nothing compares to the intensity of a fast-paced game, and getting older doesn’t quench the thrill of winning a match. KC Miller learned to […]

Spark in the Classroom

GRANBURY, TX — Janel Morris has a reputation of going above and beyond for her physics students at Granbury High School. Physics is the study of interactions between matter and energy in the universe. The subject can be intimidating, but Janel does more than what is expected to help students achieve a higher level of […]

Abel is Able

WAXAHACHIE, TX — Brian and Heather Rose knew early on in the pregnancy that their little boy would come into the world with a birth defect. “At 14 weeks, I had my first sonogram,” Heather remembered. “They found fluid on his brain. I was sent to a specialist where I had a more detailed sonogram.” […]

A Heart for the Game

RED OAK, TX — Colbe “CJ” Noland is 12 years old, and his favorite subject at Red Oak Intermediate School is math. In his free time, he enjoys his Playstation 3 or going outside to play sports. Games are one of his main focuses in life, yet one game rises above all others. “The […]

To the Summit

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — A cool breeze drifted through the craggy slabs of granite as father and son, Cliff and Matthew Hackler, stood where only a few have dared. The 32 F temperature hardly made a difference as they looked around at the gray-plated ground they had just hiked, jutting mountain peaks and lakes that looked […]

A Team of One

CORSICANA, TX —  Growing up in the state of the famed Friday Night Lights, most high school students, especially those attending small Texas schools, play the team sports of football, basketball, volleyball, track, softball or baseball. And then there are the cheerleaders — athletes who cheer on other athletes. Some individual sports, such as […]

On a Dare

WEATHERFORD, TX — For Don Huddleston, building models began with a dare. At the time, he was working at Greene’s Florist. In 1992, the owner, Bobby Greene, challenged him to build something for the Peach Festival craft contest. Don accepted the challenge and built a bird cage. Using pine wood, coat hangers and garage […]