Monthly Archives: May 2012

Driven by Agriculture

WEATHERFORD, TX — At the young age of 18, Taylor Travis has already accomplished a lot. The Weatherford High School senior has served as school mascot in years past, and just last summer became a part of the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources department at the school. Taylor has raised lambs and pigs, but her passion […]

Catching Dreams

WAXAHACHIE, TX —  Sandy Jones admits that she does not handle the sight of human blood very well. The wooziness is such that she finds herself on the floor. Animals are a much different story. “I have never had any problems stitching animals up,” Sandy stated as to why animals didn’t cause her the […]

High Altitudes

CEDAR HILL, TX — Patrick Rushing has defied odds most of his life, from an absentee father to changing schools to striving for higher education, despite a learning disability. As a youth, he grew up watching his older brother, Andrew, play sports and emulated his moves. Like Andrew, Patrick played basketball and enjoyed the camaraderie of team sports. But […]

Small Name, Big Program

RED OAK, TX — Partner PE teams up mainstream students with students who have special needs in a peer-mentored physical education program. The program was new to Red Oak High School this year, but it’s the realization of a longtime dream for Coach Hope Porter. “It’s been a long process, but we finally got it here, […]

District Flier

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — She could feel the weariness in her body. The illness had definitely taken a toll. Still, Ashley Cunningham did what she always does. She kept running and giving her best effort. Feeling somewhat discouraged after her race for the indoor track meet at the University of Arkansas in January, she waited for her score. […]

Safety in a Virtual World

MANSFIELD, TX — Alan Chin intended to study computer science when he enrolled at the University of North Texas. Like many 20 year olds, he enjoyed computer games and thought programming would be his path. To his surprise, though, one of his classes was suddenly dropped, and he found himself scrambling to fill the time slot. […]

Doing It Their Way

ENNIS, TX — Ed Stegemoller grew up in a time when hard work and an honest day’s living were expected. If he isn’t adding to an already beautiful landscape, meandering alongside the winding brooks he has created or propagating flowers in his greenhouse, you can bet he’s probably visualizing new ideas! Growing up in Hamilton County, Ed […]

Like Father, Like Son

CORSICANA, TX — Matt Hazelwood and his son, Matthew, aren’t just related. They’re bonded for life through the music they love to play. Born and reared in Navarro County, Matt’s passion for song came early, and it has remained a source of pride — but never more so than today, when his son is poised to achieve […]

Keeping Bees for Life

BURLESON, TX — For most of us, the zingy flavor of fermented honey is unfamiliar. For Kent Heimbigner, self-proclaimed Bishop of Bees in Burleson, the precious amber beverage brings such sipping pleasure that he makes his own and passes on the gift. He does sell his gooey, raw local harvest, but that’s not his day […]