Monthly Archives: July 2011

Nature at Our Fingertips

CEDAR HILL, TX — Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center at Cedar Hill is pretty excited to be opening its 205-acre facility next month, and no one is more excited than center director, Dr. Patty McGill. “We now have the facilities to connect children and families with nature, providing an opportunity to appreciate animals and plants within […]

The Mane Event

WEATHERFORD, TX — On most days at Greenwood Farms near Weatherford, you can spot a lady riding a thoroughbred with a black Labrador retriever at their heels. Mary Hirsch is an event rider — a sport that became an Olympic competition in 1912. However, up until 1954, women were banned from Olympic equestrian eventing because […]

Be Inspired

WAXAHACHIE, TX — Marilyn Simmons has always loved gardening. She grew up watching her grandmother. But her gardening gloves were put aside when she and Donnie, her husband of 38 years, left the farm in Gary, Oklahoma. “I started gardening at a young age, that’s true, and I did work alongside the best gardener I know,” […]

Restoring Reality

RED OAK, TX —  It began in a garage. More hobby than career goal, this inventive mind spent countless hours working, tinkering and creating. After many trials and many errors, he has learned the secret to making beautiful works of art from the refuse others have left behind. Four decades later, the hobby that […]

The World in a Box

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — The box from the post office carried great promise. Eagerly, Patty Ozga, her sister, Carol Adams, and the ladies of the Creative Quilters Guild of Ellis County opened their treasure box — and the world came to visit. They had the grand idea to collect squares from quilting clubs around the world […]

An Unscripted Journey

MANSFIELD, TX — “I guess I’m the Scotty McCreery of Mansfield,” Todd Murdock said, with oh-so-straight a face, referring to the recent winner on the hit TV show, American Idol. Todd is the only bass in his choir at Central Baptist Church. Because of the clear, powerful ring of his voice, he gets volunteered for […]

Heart to Art

ENNIS, TX — Local actress, Fran Jeffery Anderson, has turned her dreams of a community that cherishes its heritage into dramatic reality. Based on her belief that the performing arts can educate, as well as entertain, the unique theatrical troupe she has founded is enjoying wide acclaim. Targeting a black audience with black themes, Inspiration, Inc. has […]

Bulldogs for Baseball

CORSICANA, TX — Nothing says summer in America like the smell of nachos wafting from the concession stand, polyester pants stained green from sliding in the grass to catch a pop fly, cleats caked with red dirt straight from the diamond and cheers from the bench as a player steels a base. Jason Kinkade has been […]

A Great Adventure

BURLESON, TX — As Richard Crummel embarks on his 40th year in education, Burleson Independent School District’s (BISD) superintendent of schools wears the dual hats of realist and adventurer, and balances them both with a black belt in taekwondo. “When they line us up and do personality profiles of people in administration,” Richard said, […]

Celebrate Safely

ENNIS, TX — Fireworks are loud, beautiful and exciting. They are a part of many Independence Day celebrations, and it is very important to remember that as beautiful and amazing as fireworks are, they can also be extremely dangerous. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were two deaths and nearly 9,000 […]