Monthly Archives: June 2011

A Vigilant Artist

CEDAR HILL, TX — An artist is defined as one who works in or is skilled in any of the fine arts: painting, drawing, sculpting, etc., or a person who does anything very well, with imagination and a feeling for form and effect. Art conveys, via an aesthetically satisfying rendition, something valuable — a thought or […]

Fossil Man

WAXAHACHIE, TX — While many in Ellis County are interested in the rich history of the place they call home, few are knowledgeable about the area before there were cities, farms –– or people. But one local man has made the prehistory of North Texas a pastime that has brought him fulfillment, as well […]

The Magic Begins

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — Spinning and twirling in flowing colors of pink and baby blues, the little girl could practically see the imaginary twinkling of fairy dust as it fell softly and gently around her. When she puts on her tutu and begins to dance, the magic begins. She becomes a princess — one who […]

For God and Country

MANSFIELD, TX — Today, men like Eddie South are the face of our country. Seven grandchildren and 41 years after returning from Vietnam and starting a whole new life as a Tarrant County law enforcement officer, Eddie has retired to the countryside near Mansfield and has time for a little introspection. He realizes the war […]

A Man Can Dream

ENNIS, TX — Henry Odlozil has always loved airplanes. Born and reared in Ennis, he remembers spending lots of his spare time building model airplanes and dreaming of the day when he would be the pilot of his own aircraft. In a young man’s mind it may have seemed like forever, when in reality it was […]

The Sky is the Limit

Founded in 1998, the Glenn Cumbie Museum of Aviation and Military History is outgrowing the two rooms originally allocated to it and is seeking a new home near the recently unveiled Army Air Force Cadet Memorial Park, a five-acre section of the airport property. “Our goal is to construct a free-standing museum adjacent to the memorial.

Heritage Quest

BURLESON, TX — Two years ago, Shelley Gayler set out to explore her heritage. So far, the quest has taken her back in time, through realms of virtual data, volumes of documents and real-time trips to family reunions, ancestral homes and final resting places. Most importantly, it has expanded her world in ways she could […]

It’s a Beautiful Thing

GLENN HEIGHTS, TX — The little city of Glenn Heights is proving itself big when it comes to environmental and community improvement. Keep Texas Beautiful recently announced Glenn Heights as one of just 10 winners of the 2011 Governor’s Community Achievement Award (GCAA), a program created by the partnership of Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) and […]