Monthly Archives: August 2015

A Dog’s Nose

A dog’s life seems pretty easy. Fetching balls and taking walks are the highlights of any dog’s day. For Max, a lovable 8-year-old, tan, Labrador Retriever, living the “easy life” is a well-earned reward for his military service. Corporal Max N242 served as an IED Detection Dog in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is credited […]

Blending Two Voices

When Darren Eubank and Chima Ijeh met in sixth grade, they had no idea they would eventually partner to form a successful music duo. “We met in peewee football,” Chima, nicknamed “Chi,” remembered. They were only acquaintances throughout school, not close friends. Darren, known to his friends simply as “D,” mainly remembers Chi as […]

A Changed Heart

The sound of the Russian jets roaring overhead struck fear in the Nigerian villagers’ hearts. They screamed as they ran for cover from the bombs. “It was incredibly scary,” Princeton Abaraoha, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Midlothian exclaimed. “The only time you heard the jets were when it was too late and the […]

Recipe for Success

Back to school means Friday night lights, dedicated fans and high school football at its finest. In Ennis, it means the next season for the 2014 State Champions begins as they take to the field under the leadership of Head Football Coach Jack Alvarez. The successful strategy for Coach Alvarez will remain the same. […]

Diving In

While many students have trouble finding a way to be productive and active after school, one group chooses to dedicate their afternoons to getting exercise and training to win state titles. The Corsicana YMCA’s competitive swim team is comprised of students of all ages who desire to improve their strength and endurance, sharpen their […]

The Real Deals

Wendell and Billy Joe Cooke grew up on a farm between Ennis and Waxahachie at a time when families tended to be big and life was about churchgoing, farm chores, schoolwork and family. Their father, Benjamin Franklin Cooke, loved to play the fiddle. “He did it for fun,” Wendell smiled. “We were five boys […]