Daily Archives: September 2, 2014

The Need for Speed

WEATHERFORD, TX — The crowd waits anxiously for Seth Cooke to nod. He looks for just the right moment to spring the calf from its narrow chute. The timing has to be perfect, and the barrier cannot be broken to ensure a clean ride. Rooster is pawing and stomping the ground in anticipation. He knows […]

From the Ground Up

WAXAHACHIE, TX — James and Leanne Davis had it all figured out. Their two daughters, Tiffany and Alisha, were nearing adulthood. Tiffany had left for college at The University of Texas at Austin, and Alisha was still in high school. They downsized to a smaller house after living in a larger home for 19 years. […]

Staying Safe

RED OAK, TX — Twenty-seven years ago, Nathan Bickerstaff made a drastic career change, leaving his role as a pastor to become a police officer. His interest in law enforcement began during an encounter with a group of officers. “I tried to be involved and touch their lives, but a lot of them responded […]

A New York Finish

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — Not every couple celebrating their 10th anniversary takes the kids along. However, for Kasey Cheshier and his wife, Joy, it all made perfect sense. Kasey was reluctant at first, but Joy had a plan with a trump card. “I thought she was going to say she wanted to go to Disney World,” […]

Remember the Time

MANSFIELD, TX — Brent Candler and Bryan Atkinson haven’t always been runners. They each had their own ways to stay in shape, but running wasn’t high on their fitness list. So, why are these two friends now running through dangling live wires, jumping over fire and climbing up 12-foot walls? “It makes a good story. […]