Monthly Archives: May 2013

Growing Old with Beauty

WEATHERFORD, TX — In May 2012, Selma Johnson puttered onto stage at the Ms. Senior Parker County pageant. An oversized coat, old hat and bark cane, inferring a state of old age. “They say you want to hear my story. I’m not sure why,” she said. “Where’s my husband, Chop Johnson? He’s my starter […]

Koi Kisses

WAXAHACHIE, TX — Amber Penney has been in love with butterfly koi and standard fin Japanese koi for nearly five years. Her passion for this unique breed of fish began when she and her husband, Marc, purchased a small garden pond kit. Amber was at work one day following this purchase when she began making […]

Partying with Purpose

CEDAR HILL, TX — We live in a day and age where nobody seems to know their neighbors anymore. However, on one block in Cedar Hill, that is definitely not the case. Four families on that block seem to be the exception rather than the rule. They live within a short distance of each other […]

Relentless Competitor

RED OAK, TX —  Jeremiah Gaines is the epitome of a well-rounded, successful student athlete. Not one to seek the limelight, Jeremiah is a laid-back man of few words. Although he is reserved, he is a fierce competitor. Whether blocking baskets on the court or blocking opponents on the football field, Jeremiah brings a […]

From America to Russia

MANSFIELD, TX — Chris Burgin had already travelled to Russia over 20 times since 2002. There was no reason this trip in June 2011 would be different. He regularly went over on mission trips with Walnut Ridge Baptist Church and study-abroad trips with The University of Texas at Arlington. But this time, it was different. […]

To Honor Them

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — “It shouldn’t have happened. I don’t think people should be killed like this,” said 16-year-old Rebecca Guitierrez, as she struggled to make sense of an event that was indefensible and heartbreaking. Two remarkable Midlothian residents, Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, were struck down February 2, 2013. Kyle was a decorated United […]

Sharing Military History

GRANBURY, TX — Military life has been a part of Cordell Hall’s family for decades. He has dated his family tree back to the Revolutionary War, and that fact is part of what drives his interest in military memorabilia. Cordell collected enough military items over the years to fill a 30×40-foot, two-story space. He started […]

Czeching up on History

ENNIS, TX –  An Ennis native has a unique and endearing perspective on life — one that can be attributed to family, hard work and the integration of a people to an entirely new country and way of life. Today, Mary Betik Trojacek, a granddaughter of Czech immigrants, stands as a matriarchal symbol of […]

Bayonet and Baton

CORSICANA, TX — Having a mother who taught piano lessons and directed a church choir helped define Zeno King’s lifelong love of music as a passion and vocation. “I’m one of the few kids who grew up with two pianos,” he recalled. His mother’s musical career also played an important part in Zeno’s choice […]