Monthly Archives: November 2012

Memories of Christmas Past

CORSICANA, TX — Imaginations of young folks and the memories of older folks are “tweaked” into high gear when they step from the present into the past by passing through the gate into Corsicana’s Pioneer Village. And during the Christmas season, the village celebrates its past with Christmas flair and finery, thanks to the […]

A Positive Force

BURLESON, TX — When they say it takes a village to rear a child, Burleson’s Sergeant First Class Gregory Peavy does not take it lightly. As an instructor of North Crowley High School’s Junior ROTC program, he considers it part of his job description to be a significant part of his students’ village. When […]

Changing Lives

WEATHERFORD, TX — Adchara Peterson holds herself to high standards. Knowing her daughter, niece and nephew are watching, she wants to give them a good example. That’s what she told Becky Tripp and the committee of ladies from Parker County Women’s and Newcomer’s Club, who provided her with a full scholarship to Weatherford College. “You can […]

Canine Crusader

WAXAHACHIE, TX — The Ellis County SPCA relies  on a strong volunteer foundation. One of these volunteers is Clint Morton. Clint spends several days a week at the SPCA walking dogs, training them and assisting in any miscellaneous jobs, including mowing the lawn. Although Clint owns his own collision repair business, he still makes […]

She’s Gymtastic

DESOTO, TX — Miranda Maldonado is like a lot of 13-year-old girls in that she loves animals, boy bands and gymnastics, but a couple of things set her apart from the average teen. Miranda suffers from a disease that could keep her from doing a simple cartwheel. Despite this she decided to be a […]