Daily Archives: November 1, 2012

Changing Lives

WEATHERFORD, TX — Adchara Peterson holds herself to high standards. Knowing her daughter, niece and nephew are watching, she wants to give them a good example. That’s what she told Becky Tripp and the committee of ladies from Parker County Women’s and Newcomer’s Club, who provided her with a full scholarship to Weatherford College. “You can […]

Canine Crusader

WAXAHACHIE, TX — The Ellis County SPCA relies  on a strong volunteer foundation. One of these volunteers is Clint Morton. Clint spends several days a week at the SPCA walking dogs, training them and assisting in any miscellaneous jobs, including mowing the lawn. Although Clint owns his own collision repair business, he still makes […]

She’s Gymtastic

DESOTO, TX — Miranda Maldonado is like a lot of 13-year-old girls in that she loves animals, boy bands and gymnastics, but a couple of things set her apart from the average teen. Miranda suffers from a disease that could keep her from doing a simple cartwheel. Despite this she decided to be a […]