Daily Archives: July 1, 2012

Living Passionately

WEATHERFORD, TX — If David Barton had his way, he would be sitting in the middle of his Aledo property on his horse, talking to no one. “But that’s not an option,” David said. Instead, he teaches people a key he has discovered: “Just because you have rights and liberties that are guaranteed, doesn’t mean […]

Picturing History

WAXAHACHIE, TX — Kent Brewer, one of Waxahachie’s best known young painters, prefers to work in watercolor these days, but his earlier pen and ink drawings of historic homes and other locales continue to fascinate the public. These expertly drafted sketches capture the enchanting nostalgia that defines the Gingerbread City’s identity. “I love old homes and […]

To Hear Again

CEDAR HILL, TX — Billy Bob Fuller hasn’t always been hard of hearing,  but he may have been headed that way a good portion of his life. “I suffered from earaches my entire life. I couldn’t handle amusement rides because I would get so dizzy,” Billy explained. “We didn’t know it at the time, but the earaches […]

Ready, Set, Goal!

Red Oak, TX — One look at Chuck Steger and you’d say he’s been exercising faithfully and eating healthy every day of his life. Nothing could be further from the truth. “Actually, I didn’t start until I was over 50,” Chuck confessed. At 51, a routine visit to his physician revealed both high cholesterol and […]

From Pantry to Stadium

MIDLOTHIAN, TX —  The hot dogs and hamburgers are being munched in contentment. Cold soft drinks on a hot night in Texas hit the spot. The flags are waving, music is playing and fireworks fill the sky with all the accompanying oohs and ahs! The festivity contains all the earmarks of a celebration on the […]

Faith & Justice

MANSFIELD, TX — The Rev. Dr. David Chavez has been a Methodist pastor and administrator for his entire adult life. His faith gave him the confidence to fight for the rights of his fellow Mexican-Americans during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. His faith continues to guide his work today as he helps the Hispanic community […]

Paint It and They Will Come

ENNIS, TX — A young athlete with dreams of a baseball career has found his calling in the world of art. Although creative since childhood, he didn’t realize his potential as a painter until a family crisis five years ago determined his future in brushstrokes instead of batting averages. Yet Leighton Autrey, once a draft pick […]

Nothing But the Basics

CORSICANA, TX — It happened on a warm April day in 2011, during a local meeting sponsored by United Way. A small group of people found themselves sharing ideas about a way to join forces and do something really effective to help families in the Navarro County community who had been affected by the recent […]