Monthly Archives: March 2011

Pet’s Best Friend

CEDAR HILL, TX — Awareness is the top goal for Friends of Tri-City Animal Shelter. The group, founded in June 2007, takes caring for local pets to a new level and now hopes to put the shelter at the top doing at the shelter. Now we just need more people to think of us […]

At Home with Ed and Tonya LeClair

MANSFIELD, TX — Tonya LeClair was only about 8 months old when her dad brought her to visit Grandma at her job in the Wonder Bread bakery in Sioux City, Iowa. Little Tonya’s eye rested on a ceramic kitty cat with a little pink nose. “She had a fit wanting it,” said Evelyn Pedersen, […]

All about the Feeling

BURLESON, TX — Kevin Montgomery neither looks nor acts like a mind reader, but listening to his songs, you have to wonder. In fact, he is well aware of the strangeness of songwriting, even writing a tune called “Song Knows You So Well.” “It was a simple tune that told the story of a […]

Forward to the Goal

CORSICANA, TX — The RHS athletic department still honors Brittany by listing her name on the softball scoreboard for the most stolen bases. A Regional track performer throughout high school, Brittany tried kicking field goals and was so successful that the football team tried to recruit her. “Her mom wouldn’t let her do that,” […]

Wash Your Hands

Hepatitis A is a great example of why it is so important to wash your hands. Someone infected with the disease can transmit the virus to others via contaminated food or water or by direct contact if good hygiene is not practiced. Complicating matters is the fact the infected person will be contagious for at least a couple […]

Blooming Time for Bulbs

All over our area, you will find blooms. Our state bluebonnets are lovely, but not too common in the urban areas. Narcissus, daffodils and tulips are much more common. They are fun bulbs, but take planning ahead since we have to plant them in the fall in North Texas. Most years, we don’t have the […]

Anything but Routine

RED OAK, TX — Few police officers throw themselves more fully into their job than does Red Oak’s Nando Pedrero. He finds that police work perfectly suits his intense, restless temperament. A US Navy veteran, he found himself dreading the idea of an office routine as his military service was drawing to a close in […]

The Rushing Rush

DESOTO, TX — In a six-minute YouTube video, Kelsey Rushing completes an amazingly life-like portrait of Emma Watson, giving her “audience” a taste of the Rushing rush. “I just set up the video camera and began to draw,” Kelsey calmly stated. “I drew for about two hours.” Six minutes. Two hours. The result is […]