Daily Archives: March 1, 2011

Anything but Routine

RED OAK, TX — Few police officers throw themselves more fully into their job than does Red Oak’s Nando Pedrero. He finds that police work perfectly suits his intense, restless temperament. A US Navy veteran, he found himself dreading the idea of an office routine as his military service was drawing to a close in […]

The Rushing Rush

DESOTO, TX — In a six-minute YouTube video, Kelsey Rushing completes an amazingly life-like portrait of Emma Watson, giving her “audience” a taste of the Rushing rush. “I just set up the video camera and began to draw,” Kelsey calmly stated. “I drew for about two hours.” Six minutes. Two hours. The result is […]

Fun in the Shade

This month, our theme is how to get something to grow in the shade. There are lots of shade-loving plants, but they need to be especially hardy to take our heat and erratic rains. Prepare the soil with compost and expanded shale if needed, and you will be ready to start. Sometimes it is […]