Blooming Time for Bulbs

All over our area, you will find blooms. Our state bluebonnets are lovely, but not too common in the urban areas. Narcissus, daffodils and tulips are much more common. They are fun bulbs, but take planning ahead since we have to plant them in the fall in North Texas. Most years, we don’t have the […]

Fun in the Shade

This month, our theme is how to get something to grow in the shade. There are lots of shade-loving plants, but they need to be especially hardy to take our heat and erratic rains. Prepare the soil with compost and expanded shale if needed, and you will be ready to start. Sometimes it is […]

February is Rose Time

Think of Valentine’s Day, and getting roses for a special friend comes to mind. Roses are a sentimental favorite as well as a beautiful flower. A garden full of roses is truly a thing of beauty. You can have a rose garden that will grow, bloom and possibly outlive you, if you plan a […]

A New Start in January

WAXAHACHIE, TX — Tired of the same old gardens? Try your hand at different looking beds. They are called theme gardens and can be as large or small as you want, but they all need planning. This month, let’s talk about an herb garden. Some herbs do well in North Texas and others do […]

Gifts for the Gardener

WAXAHACHIE, TX — Another year has flown by and the holidays are almost upon us again! Years past have seen me with gloves, tarps, clippers, shovels, etc. high on my gift-giving list, and they are still good choices. But there are some other fun ones I would like to mention, so I delved into […]

Air Scrubbers for the Home

October is a great time to open doors and windows, at least for a while. When the weather does not permit open windows, try a few houseplants to freshen things up. In addition to adding beauty, they can even out humidity and add oxygen to a home. Recent studies by NASA have shown that […]

The Time is Near

September is here, and it is time to think about fall fertilizers for lawns. Sometime around the end of September, the evening temperatures cool down to 50 degrees or below. That is the time to get out the spreader! Another great indicator that it is time to fertilize your lawn is when you do […]

Getting Trees Ready for Winter

Did you notice how many limbs some of the trees lost this year? Let’s talk about what happens when trees are not pruned on a regular basis. The worst case scenario would be for a rather large branch to drop through your roof or on your car! The second worse incident would be for […]

July is Crape Myrtle Time

Look around at all those gorgeous, blooming trees! If you do not have some crape myrtle trees, try them. There are varieties for every space, taste and color preference. They can run from 2 feet (miniatures) to 20-plus feet (tree size). They are all ultra- hardy and do very nicely on natural rainfall after […]