Daily Archives: March 31, 2011

Pet’s Best Friend

CEDAR HILL, TX — Awareness is the top goal for Friends of Tri-City Animal Shelter. The group, founded in June 2007, takes caring for local pets to a new level and now hopes to put the shelter at the top doing at the shelter. Now we just need more people to think of us […]

At Home with Ed and Tonya LeClair

MANSFIELD, TX — Tonya LeClair was only about 8 months old when her dad brought her to visit Grandma at her job in the Wonder Bread bakery in Sioux City, Iowa. Little Tonya’s eye rested on a ceramic kitty cat with a little pink nose. “She had a fit wanting it,” said Evelyn Pedersen, […]

All about the Feeling

BURLESON, TX — Kevin Montgomery neither looks nor acts like a mind reader, but listening to his songs, you have to wonder. In fact, he is well aware of the strangeness of songwriting, even writing a tune called “Song Knows You So Well.” “It was a simple tune that told the story of a […]