Monthly Archives: August 2010

Is a Rollover in Your Future?

Have you recently left one employer to begin working for another? Were you covered by an employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k)? If so, you may be wondering about the future of your account. In the event of a job change, there are many options available to you regarding your employer-sponsored retirement account […]

It’s Wise to Immunize

As back-to-school season approaches, along with those new school supplies, shoes and haircuts, make sure your child has his or her necessary immunizations. School-age children must receive certain vaccines before admission to school — but more importantly, staying up-to-date on necessary immunizations is a matter of good preventive health. If your child has had […]

Getting Trees Ready for Winter

Did you notice how many limbs some of the trees lost this year? Let’s talk about what happens when trees are not pruned on a regular basis. The worst case scenario would be for a rather large branch to drop through your roof or on your car! The second worse incident would be for […]

Leaps and Bounds

Fortunately, the building has a 30-foot ceiling; otherwise Scott Sapolio would have hit his head many times over. As he rebounds from the trampoline at The Palaestra Gym in Farmers Branch and soars into the air, he likes to reach up and touch the rafters. Scott has taken gymnastic lessons for only about nine […]

Sound Teaching

Kindergarteners at LaRue Miller Elementary School have learned lessons some never learn in a lifetime. Three of their classmates are hearing impaired, each with cochlear implants. They communicate primarily in sign language, though also orally and with gestures. The sensitivity shown by everyone in the classroom comes so naturally, they do not realize how […]

Dancing to Conjunto

Overwhelmed with emotion, the woman approached the stage and stretched her hand toward the singer, Betty Barajas. As Betty clasped her hand, the woman quite unexpectedly slipped an authentic pearl bracelet around her wrist. Surprised by the gift, Betty said, “I gave her my hand because I thought she wanted to hold it. One […]

Mansfield’s Marathon Man

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Steve Szeszko spent most of his youth playing outdoors, going to school or practicing with the school band. He was never much interested in competitive sports. Today, Air Force Master Sergeant Steve Szeszko, husband and father to two young daughters, is passionate about marathon running, one of the most challenging […]

Digging in the Dirt

Margie Duke has always loved living in the country. “My roots and upbringing are here,” she reminisced. “I used to ride a tractor and pick cotton with my dad.” Is it any wonder then that several years after she and her late husband, Joe, married, they would make their home in the country? And […]