Daily Archives: November 30, 2009

Horse Listener

For Jerilyn Cardwell, horsemanship is a journey of trust, faith and the unlocking of secrets. While the title of “horse whisperer” belongs to another, Jerilyn is definitely a “horse listener.” Recently, Jerilyn held a horse camp for disadvantaged children, with the hopes of instilling a greater sense of self-esteem and pride in her young […]

All Business

During this season of miracles and wishes, Shawnay McCain is a wonderful role model to us all. In many ways, she is a miracle. Born with intra-ventricular hemorrhage (IVH), which is a type of bleeding from fragile blood vessels in the brain, “it created cerebral palsy and epilepsy with her,” said her mother, Charlene […]

Home for the Holidays

Holiday spirit is something that Chad and Elizabeth Wester like to share with their friends and their family. “We usually have a couple of parties here during Christmas,” Elizabeth said. “We always do a neighborhood party, because we are really close to all of our neighbors and spend a lot of time together.” The […]

The Santa House

Did you know that Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus live right here in Corsicana? Every year more and more families learn about the Christmas party that takes place in December at Santa’s house. Rumor has it that Charles and Evelyn Harrison know quite a bit about this event since it takes place in their […]

Living a Dream

Dreams of music, stages and perfect family relationships have become reality for Terrie Lynn Harwell and her daughter, Tara, who share a voice, a talent and a joy. The mother/daughter duo has sung together since Tara was old enough to cheer her mother on at the Texas Gold Show (an opry similar to the […]

Show Your Holiday Lights

The Christmas season brings spectacular holiday lights. Share your own displays or your favorite Christmas light hot spot right here. Post your comments and tell us where to find the best lights and why they’re a must-see. And don’t stop there; post a link to your Flickr, Picasa or other photo account and show […]