Monthly Archives: May 2010

A Baker’s Touch

When Kimberly Baker, an Ennis native, decided to bake and design her own cake for her son’s first birthday party in 2006, she had no idea it would be the beginning of a newfound talent. She is quick to admit her baking talents did not manifest until her adult years and actually branched out […]

Finding Home Again

“I guess it is true, if you grow up in Corsicana and move away, sooner or later you will move back here,” said Lynn Taylor, who left Dallas to return to her hometown when her close-as-a-sister friend was diagnosed with cancer. She was Lynn’s former roommate at the State Home, where they  grew up, […]

Know Your Numbers

Warning lights on your dashboard alert you to take action before your car leaves you stranded. Similarly, your body has indicators to caution you that health problems may be ahead. These four numbers give you and your physician a quick gauge of your health. If you don’t know your numbers, it’s probably time for […]

Miracles Never Cease!

Margaret Dickens is trying to retire. She has tried twice before. “When you’re a founder, you can’t just leave,” laughed Margaret, who plans to take the title of Emeritus Director of Wings of Hope, the equine therapy center just south of Burleson, a little north of where FM 917 and CR 806 coincide. “This […]

Here Comes the Sun

Oh, that glorious sun! It can make things grow. It is necessary for healthy bone growth, and it can make your skin glow and look good. However, too much sun can cause skin cancer. Melanoma is the most serious and deadly type of skin cancer. Because of that, it is the leading cause of […]

Why You Need a Financial Plan

Studies have shown that financial planning plays a key role in achieving major life goals. Why wait any longer? Start assessing your current situation, setting goals and planning for your own financial future today. The Best Laid Plans Before you can start planning, you need a clear picture of where you stand today. Tracking […]

Singing with One Voice

Walking down the hall in the Fine Arts Building at Navarro College you think you hear jazz musician, Dave Brubeck, on the piano playing his signature tune “Take Five.” When you reach the choral rehearsal room you hear voices singing the lyrics and you know the Collegiate Singers have gathered once again to make […]

When Lightning Strikes

Lightning seldom strikes the same spot twice, but at Mansfield Timberview High School, it has done just that. With their long braids flying behind them, sophomore runners and twins, Kaitlyn and Kristyn Williams, have been streaking their way past competitors all year, leaving their biggest rivals, the Lancaster Lady Tigers, in their dust. The […]