Daily Archives: January 2, 2010

Inside Gardening

When plants are brought inside the house, they need a bit more attention when the heat is on because they have a tendency to dry out quickly. With the cold weather, it is a good time to review all those plants you have brought into your nice, warm house such as ivies, poinsettias or […]

Expressing Herself

Twelve-year-old Madalyn Hinson is already a three-time gold medal winner. As a gymnast, she reigns at the top of her field in the state tournament in floor, beam and all-around categories. Ever since she set foot in Arlington Aerials Gymnastics, where her mother, Michelle Wilson, works as a coach, Madalyn was hooked on the […]

A True Eagle

By definition, an Eagle Scout is a Boy Scout who has reached the highest level of attainment in the various tests of skill and endurance set by the Boy Scouts of America organization. In reality, however, that definition lends little insight into the kind of education, honor and commitment one both gives and receives […]

Creative Journey

Paul (Pappy) Middleton grew up with music in his house, and was playing in a garage band in high school by 1963. By his 20s he was rocking in the big name Dallas club band, Blackhorse, and had started his own sound company. These days, he tours as Bonnie Raitt’s sound engineer and owns […]

Special Soul Mates

Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you think everyone has a special soul mate? If you were to ask Xavier and Tiffany Villarreal these two questions, they would look at one another, smile and then answer without hesitation. “I never saw myself as a wife and mother,” Tiffany said, “but when […]

Balancing Act

All-around amazing mom, Kristin Rodgers, goes for what she wants and usually gets it. “If I don’t give up, eventually it happens,” Kristin said. “If I keep that faith in myself, God helps me.” Her husband, Bobby, also believes in her. “Every wild idea I have, Bobby just stands back and says, ‘Okay!’ He’s […]