Daily Archives: July 23, 2013

Making Points to Win

RED OAK, TX — It was a cold winter day in Springfield, Massachusetts, back in December 1891, when a physical education instructor, Dr. James Naismith, created the game of basketball at a local YMCA. In the hope of coming up with a game that would keep his gym class inside and active throughout the long […]

A Peaceful Buzz

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — On a windy, sunny day ripe with opportunity and promise, it was time to visit the bees. One does not just jauntily walk up to bees in their home. Great care and respect is in every cautious step in their direction. Voices are kept at a low and moderated tone. A […]

Amazing Thing

MANSFIELD, TX — If you were to ask Gary Maddux the most memorable time of his life, he might tell you about the very first of many times the wheels of his helicopter grazed presidential ground as he landed the former President of the United States, George W. Bush. Or as a family man, he […]

Freedom Costs

GRANBURY, TX — Retired Army Colonel V.B. Corn has lived in Pecan Plantation since 2001. As an avid golfer, V.B. plays four days a week as the weather permits. This year, he joined forces with Bobby White, the golf pro at Pecan Plantation Country Club, to organize and conduct the first annual golf tournament hosted […]