Monthly Archives: March 2010

Plant for the Future

March is the right time to start thinking about planting your landscape. Most plants come either in pots or bare rooted. Pot-grown plants often need a few days in the shade outside to “harden off” if they have been grown in a greenhouse. Water as needed and give them a chance to adjust to […]

A Foundation for Hope

When the body turns on itself, it can be as devastating as outside forces. Autoimmune diseases are diseases where the body actually targets normal cells for destruction — a haunting prospect for a system created to protect and defend the body from harmful invasion. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an example of things gone awry. […]

Life Lessons

Mike Thompson died in a car accident leaving behind his wife, Amanda, their two boys and stiff financial challenges. “After that,” Amanda recalls, “I put the house up for sale and we moved in with my mother.” About six months later, she purchased life insurance on herself telling her agent, “I don’t want this […]

The Ultimate Goal

Kodi Harvill is a normal 13-year-old. He attends Red Oak Junior High, lives with his parents and has been practicing karate several times a week for the last two-and-a-half years. The karate, however, is what makes Kodi different. He has competed twice in Texas state tournaments — placing fifth in the weapons and open […]

Intarsia in Form

Many years ago, Carolyn Hart saw a form of art she had never seen before and yet, she knew she could do it. “It is an innate thing,” she said. “You know what you know. Somehow, I already knew how to do this.” Intarsia, a very labor-intensive form of artwork, involves using different naturally […]

Her Hometown Perspective

Perspective is often relative; it can change with time and personal experience. How a person views his or her high school experience may change during certain parts of life: as a high school freshman, a high school senior, a 10-year alumni or a senior citizen. It can be amazing how time and experience can […]

A Classic Blend

The Steele family home, built in 1920, has seen many memories made over numerous holiday gatherings. The Steele’s children and grandchildren always look forward to visiting there, and two of the daughters have asked their parents to never sell the house to anyone outside the family. This attachment to a family home is nothing […]

Adopting a Best Friend

MEXIA—Limestone Animal Rescue and Adoption Shelter, also known as LARAS House, is a vision that is becoming a reality in more and more concrete ways. Local residents of Mexia and Groesbeck recognized that unwanted dogs and cats were routinely dumped in the country. Whether the residents regarded these animals as a nuisance or as […]