Daily Archives: April 1, 2012

A Man and His Tools

WEATHERFORD, TX — After World War II, the hospital in Mineral Wells filled with wounded veterans, the bottom floor of the Crazy Water Hotel became a maternity ward. Artisan knife maker, Jack Crain, was born there in 1946. Growing up and going to school on the south side of Mineral Wells, Jack learned carpentry, hunting and […]

Nature’s Rainbow

WAXAHACHIE, TX — When David Smith and his wife, Pat, moved to their home on Main Street in March 2003, they had a slight difference of opinion. While Pat wanted their belongings moved in first, David had a strong desire to go looking for compost. “Compost was his priority,” Pat recalled with a smile. […]

Unmasking Ray

CEDAR HILL, TX — Cedar Hill resident, Ray Schufford, is a master multitasker, juggling family, career, writing, upstart business and his charity. He is a firefighter and a paramedic for Dallas, a profession he truly feels blessed to have been able to do for the last 17 years. Twelve years ago, Ray met and married […]

A Lasting Impact

RED OAK, TX — Born in a logging camp in 1928, Donald “Don” Shields got used to moving very early on. As the seasons changed and the availability of lumber shifted, his father, who supported the family by driving an eight-wheeled log wagon up and down the hills, moved with the work. During the time they lived […]