Monthly Archives: July 2009

Ready to Root

It is hard to believe summer is almost over! If there are plants in your garden you want for next year, start making cuttings now. Through a recent workshop, I discovered a great, easy way to root cuttings from almost any plant. Nancy’s Easy Rooting Needs: 1 4-inch deep or larger plastic saucer 1 […]

Living a Dream

Now that the remodel on their newly acquired two-story Mediterranean style home with three bedrooms, two full- and two half-baths is complete, Wayne and Marlene Norcross can finally sit back, relax and enjoy a sense of ownership. “We are caretakers of such wonderful history,” Wayne said, referring to the old Carlisle/Blankenbeckler home they purchased […]

Through the Fog

On a foggy day, the car windows often look murky. It does not matter how hard the wipers work to clear the vision field; it remains cloudy. The world looks this way through the eyes of a person afflicted with cataracts. If left untreated, it can lead to complete loss of vision. Cataracts are […]

He’s a Natural

Every now and then, 13-year-old Tye Gray takes a couple of friends out to the bike trails behind Taylor Elementary for a little digging. Shovels and dirt flying, Tye’s team builds the jumps for their bicycle motocross (BMX) fun. All summer long, Tye and 30-40 of his freestyling friends have ridden the trails in […]

The Eye of the Beholder

“I’m really just an amateur,” protested Laura Hallmark as she shared her all but amateur photos. While some define an amateur as one lacking experience or competence, an amateur is actually one who pursues something for the pure love, joy and fun of it. In Laura’s case, her love of photography is evidenced in […]