Daily Archives: September 3, 2013

Swinging a Club

FERRIS, TX — Anyone who can hit a golf ball should seriously consider participating in Ellis County’s fifth annual 100th G.R.E.E.N. Marathon on September 20. “The event, held at the Old Brick Yard Golf Club in Ferris is the year’s major fundraising event for three nonprofit organizations that do a world of good for the […]

Desire Made the Difference

FROST, TX — As just about any high school football coach in Texas knows, the Gordon Wood Award, given once a year to a deserving high school football team by the Texas High School Football Hall of Fame, acknowledges the team that displayed good sportsmanship, the ability to overcome challenges, had the support of its […]

First Steps for London

BURLESON, TX — Music was a requirement in Demond Spraberry’s family. His mom was a choir director and played piano. His grandmother always made sure he was at every lesson. Back then lessons cost between $1 and $5. When he started playing at church, he received $25 on Sunday. With more experience, his pay increased. […]