Daily Archives: October 2, 2011

Check Her Out

RED OAK, TX — It’s her favorite time of year and a great time to settle down with a good book, according to Red Oak Library Director Theresa McNutt. When not busy with library programming, Theresa loves to read, completing 125 titles last year. “I’m very cliché. I was a huge bookworm as a kid […]

Honored to Serve

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — The life of a firefighter is perhaps one of the most exciting yet misunderstood, dangerous though methodical, funny but frustrating professions a person could ever hope to have. In one day, in one moment, a firefighter can save a life and lose one. The timing, the ability and willingness of a firefighter can […]

Beautifully Unique

MANSFIELD, TX —  Two days before the Miss Mansfield pageant, Jacque Hughes, Mallory McCarter’s boss at the hair salon where she is a stylist, asked her to step in when someone dropped out of the competition. Her employers were one of the sponsors of the first-ever event. “I had never done a pageant in my life,” […]