Daily Archives: November 2, 2009

Hope for a Better Future

Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the United States, Charlton Heston, movie star, and Norman Rockwell, artist, are just a few of the famous people who have had Alzheimer’s disease. They put a face on a devastating illness. Facing the possibility of losing a little bit of oneself every day is a dismal prospect. The […]

Back to the Basics

The snowball started with an inspection. When Jenny took her car in for an inspection, she had no idea that it would need new tires and a new catalytic converter. After these expenses, she didn’t have enough to pay one of her credit cards. She figured she’d just make it up later, but when […]

Plant Now for Spring Blooms

If you have not planted your bulbs yet for spring, there is still time. Buy them and get them in for splashes of yellow and white in February, March and April. Just be a bit careful about which varieties of narcissus, daffodils, jonquils and cyclamineus you choose. There are hundreds of varieties, but only […]

Learning to Fly

Austyn Rapp is many things, but the real story behind the Midlothian teenager is not what she can do on the ground but in the air. Austyn can fly. Nationally ranked as the 14th best pole-vaulter in the nation, little holds Austyn back. As the district champion and record holder in pole vaulting for […]

A Gift for Manna House

Sometimes good things come in small packages with rosy cheeks, grand ideas and big hearts. Katherine Neal, age 11, looked at the world and decided not to sit on the sideline, as others struggled with the necessities of life, but to do something about it. Rummaging through her Grandma Lo Lo’s (Lois’) garage one […]

All in the Family

To say education is important to the Schutt family is an understatement. For this Mansfield family, education is a way of life. Howard Schutt was a Baptist preacher who taught his congregations faith, fundraising and education. Over the past few decades he taught one struggling church after another until they grew, and he would […]

Funny Business

Vercindy Taylor possesses the uncanny gift of turning life’s situations into gut-busting laughter. As a comedian, she enacts humorous sketches, which bring amusing characters to life. “I say, ‘God, you know what I need,’ and I try to picture myself as the character,” she said with a giggle. The funny thing about the business […]

Created to Perform

It is impossible for Carolyn Pennington to tell a story sitting down. “I like to move, make faces, use my hands, all kinds of things,” said Carolyn, a poet and storyteller who happens to also be the children’s services coordinator at the Burleson Public Library. “Standing and seeing those faces that are looking up […]