Monthly Archives: January 2013

Pride on Wheels

ENNIS, TX — Even though it lies off the beaten path, about 15 miles northeast of Ennis, the quiet hamlet of Bristol is home to what its caretakers lovingly call the “Beast.” Just ask Fire Chief Eddie Miner or any of his crew that comprise the Bristol Volunteer Fire Department. They should know. The […]

Umpire Eyes

CORSICANA, TX — Baseball is a longstanding tradition in American culture. Many have watched it, and others have played it. However, very few have had the opportunity to experience the game from the official’s point of view, one which entails a different understanding and perspective of the game, according to Elton Raney, Monty Casbeer […]

Life’s Little Lessons

BURLESON, TX — Practicing patience, trust, faith and confidence is an everyday challenge for us all. Students at Wings of Hope, an equine therapy center on the southern edge of Burleson, learn the same lessons in character — among others — by working with horses five times their size. This year, 12 of them […]