Crowning Cause

CEDAR HILL, TX — When Lacey Trevino participated in her first pageant, she could not have known how the contests would eventually impact her life. When her mother, Angela, was diagnosed with breast cancer, it led to a ready-made platform for Lacey, who was named Miss Teen Cedar Hill International 2012.

“My platform, about which I am very passionate, is based on the early detection of breast cancer and breast cancer awareness due to how severely it has impacted my family with my mother’s diagnosis,” Lacey said. “I believe participating in this pageant will open up opportunities for me to help in the education of many women, as well as men, of the importance of early detection, and to heighten awareness about this disease.”

Angela Trevino was well-known in Cedar Hill for her work with PTA and as parent liaison for the school district. She was diagnosed in January 2007 with stage 4 cancer. By that time, the disease had spread to her lymph nodes, lungs and bones. She immediately started treatment and survived five years Duncanville NOW despite going blind in both eyes before longer than expected, never losing hope, her passing February 26 of this year. “She was such a strong woman that she made such a big difference in our community. Everyone knew her, and she knew everyone!” Lacey said. “If her disease had been detected earlier, her survival rate would have increased by 85 percent. Some people’s survival rate goes up to 98 percent, with early detection.”

While grieving her mother’s death, 18-year-old Lacey said it also pushes her in her pageant endeavors. “I feel the pageant has kept me on my feet. It has occupied me, so I won’t dwell on my mom’s sickness and passing,” Lacey said. “My mother is in heaven now, but I know she is so proud of me and wouldn’t want me to give up on my dream to win Miss Teen Texas International 2012.”

To that end, Lacey must not only raise pageant participation funds, she must also refine her pageant skills to win over teen contestants from around the state. The full-time Northwood University student has learned to juggle her educational workload with the responsibilities of her pageant title.

“I have invested all hours of the day. Whether it’s at school informing my professors and fellow Knights about my pageant to help raise money for my expenses or going out during the week and weekends making appearances during community events,” Lacey said, “I’m determined to show that a small-town girl can make a difference, and how staying in school and making good grades can open up so many doors throughout your life.”

Involved in the pageant system since childhood, Lacey was Petite Miss Country Day 2005 and Little Miss Ellis County in 2006. Miss Teen Cedar Hill International is her most prestigious title to date.

“When I was selected Miss Teen Cedar Hill International 2012, I was tickled pink! I believe I was picked based on my community service, honors and academics, as well as my overall belief system — for what I stand for as a young woman,” Lacey said.

Admitting she is actually a shy person,

Lacey finds pageant participation has helped her mature. “Even though I’m very passionate about breast cancer awareness, I didn’t always have the confidence it takes to step up and speak out for a cause. Pageants have helped me mature. I’m more responsible and poised because of these experiences,” Lacey noted.

The lifelong Cedar Hill resident fondly recalled other experiences in her hometown, including attending Bray Elementary, West and Joe Wilson intermediate schools, Permenter Middle School and Cedar Hill High School, from which she graduated on the A/B Honor Roll and as a Texas Scholar.

“One of my fondest memories is when my mom was room mother at Bray, and we would create jewelry or make gingerbread houses. That was my favorite part of attending Bray!” Lacey recalled. “I also remember staying up late when Country Day on the Hill ran until midnight. My sister and I would line dance and listen to all the great bands play.”

Country Day on the Hill and the Holiday Tree Lighting are two of Lacey’s favorite Cedar Hill pastimes, and she still loves the friendliness she feels when walking around town. She also admires the local library’s effort to involve residents in community events.

“Being in pageants teaches you the importance of community support. I’ve received so much assistance from the people of Cedar Hill, and I just want to give back as a role model and educator,” Lacey said.

Written by Angel Morris.