Saying Yes

Social media plays a significant role in the creative life of Tiffany Carlen. Every time she conquers a fear and says, “Yes!” to an opportunity taking her outside of her comfort zone, she posts for all her friends to see her step of faith. For instance, last year she was panicked when she was invited to share her infectious, passionate country songs at the CMA Music Festival. “I don’t necessarily like being the center of attention,” Tiffany shared. But she’s learned to embrace the role she has to play in order to achieve success in her musical endeavors. Flipping an […]

Play Ball

Smack! It’s the child’s first hit of the baseball season. The crowd cheers, “Run!” The child takes off to first base as the opposing team moves to make the play. This is a typical scene from America’s favorite pastime, but for those taking the field with the Miracle League of Parker County, the game has taken on a special meaning. The Miracle League is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that gives those with disabilities the opportunity to play ball. LeAnna Gieger was instrumental in bringing the Miracle League of Parker County to life. The local league started with a vision by George […]

Flying High

Dawn is just rising on the eastern horizon, and from a distance a slight roar is increasing in volume as seconds are counted. Suddenly, prop planes appear flying in formation. No, it’s not one of those post WWII black and white movies about that period. On May 14, 2016, WWII vintage aircraft will again be approaching the Corsicana Airport for a day of flying at the annual Corsicana Airsho, sponsored by the Coyote Squadron of Corsicana. “I enjoy being around a group of guys with such a history. I have flown with a WWII ace and can have a B-17 […]