A Noble Calling

“Our good works are like stones cast into the pool of time; though the stones themselves may disappear, their ripples extend to eternity.” The author of this quote is unknown. However, the sentiments are familiar and in abundant supply in Midlothian. All over this community there are volunteers ready, waiting to make life better in some way for someone in need. Kristin Foyal DeLoach, president-elect of the Midlothian Rotary Club, is just one of them. Born in Renton, Washington, Kristin earned her bachelor’s degree at Washington State University. Most of her courses were in social work and in drug and […]

Yesteryear and Today’s Fashion

Honored by her husband, Daniel, with beautiful homes and jewelry, Lucy Cogdell loved wearing about $25,000 in jewels daily, as she strolled the streets of Granbury in the years before and after the turn of the 20th century. She received guests in her parlor, which was elaborately decorated in gold. This month Lucy, along with other women in Granbury’s history, will be brought back to life to model in the Lake Granbury Newcomers’ Club’s annual style show. “You always hear about the men in history, and women are an afterthought. This time, they will be the stars,” said Sharon Grindstaff, […]

Saying Yes

Social media plays a significant role in the creative life of Tiffany Carlen. Every time she conquers a fear and says, “Yes!” to an opportunity taking her outside of her comfort zone, she posts for all her friends to see her step of faith. For instance, last year she was panicked when she was invited to share her infectious, passionate country songs at the CMA Music Festival. “I don’t necessarily like being the center of attention,” Tiffany shared. But she’s learned to embrace the role she has to play in order to achieve success in her musical endeavors. Flipping an […]