Young and old alike have delighted in sitting lakeside or out on the waves, casting their lines in hopes of hooking the fish that will become the subject of retold tales. The big catch is always in the back of a fisherman’s mind as he or she waits patiently for […]

Thrill of the Catch

Becca Prohaska is a hometown girl who grew up in Waxahachie and attended Ovilla Christian School. She loved high school athletics and was a solid athlete competing in many sports, but volleyball held a special place in her heart. She worked hard to elevate her game but never felt as […]

Building Character

In the spring of 2008, Crystal Fisher got a phone call no young wife wants to receive. A family friend said, “Brian fell on his head. I’m not sure if he’s gonna make it.” Brian, who was working in Kansas at a power plant at the time, had fallen 50-60 […]

Following a Fall

In the early morning hours before school on September 24, 2014, with some of the students still reconciling their bodies to being awake, a small team stood alert, excited and eager for the day to begin. Three nine-year-old Mt. Peak Elementary School students, Brylee Stewart, Sloan Short and Jeremiah Cuellar […]

One Pole, Many Prayers

Philip Wade remembers Galena, Kansas, the small town where he grew up. “The town only had one stop light,” he said with a smile. “I played hardball baseball from the time I was 8 until the age of 21.” Baseball was Philip’s sport of choice. “When I turned 8, I […]

Classic Moments

Tim Noakes, a runner of over 70 marathons and ultra-distant events gave fellow runners this advice, “Your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call on your spirit, which fortunately functions independently of logic.” Seth Lachney, a senior at Dawson High […]

Running with Heart

A dog’s life seems pretty easy. Fetching balls and taking walks are the highlights of any dog’s day. For Max, a lovable 8-year-old, tan, Labrador Retriever, living the “easy life” is a well-earned reward for his military service. Corporal Max N242 served as an IED Detection Dog in Iraq and […]

A Dog’s Nose

When Darren Eubank and Chima Ijeh met in sixth grade, they had no idea they would eventually partner to form a successful music duo. “We met in peewee football,” Chima, nicknamed “Chi,” remembered. They were only acquaintances throughout school, not close friends. Darren, known to his friends simply as “D,” […]

Blending Two Voices

The sound of the Russian jets roaring overhead struck fear in the Nigerian villagers’ hearts. They screamed as they ran for cover from the bombs. “It was incredibly scary,” Princeton Abaraoha, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Midlothian exclaimed. “The only time you heard the jets were when it was […]

A Changed Heart

Back to school means Friday night lights, dedicated fans and high school football at its finest. In Ennis, it means the next season for the 2014 State Champions begins as they take to the field under the leadership of Head Football Coach Jack Alvarez. The successful strategy for Coach Alvarez […]

Recipe for Success