Help wanted – 150 positions open at Mansfield company

With low unemployment figures and a growing world economy, companies are getting more creative in luring good talent to their workforce. Case in point is Mouser Electronics in Mansfield, Texas. Already the city’s largest private employer, the Berkshire Hathaway company announced in late February that it seeks to add more than 150 full-time employees to its global headquarters and distribution center in the coming weeks. Rather than merely touting their competitive wages, the company is upping the ante when it comes to attracting and retaining good talent.

Mouser Electronics ariel view

Mouser Electronics in Mansfield, Texas seeks to add more than 150 employees in the coming weeks.

“We’ve just opened a health clinic on-site for employees,” said Tracey Mellenthin, vice president of human resources for Mouser. “The clinic offers prescriptions so if employees have an illness or something like strep throat they can get in and see the nurse and be taken care of — and it’s for their spouse as well.”

Part of the company’s health benefits, the wellness clinic offers expedited medical attention and lower costs for employees who’d otherwise need to schedule a doctor’s visit off-site and maybe even lose a day of work in doing so. Additionally, the company has built an on-site fitness center that’s open to all employees and their guests 24 hours a day and is pitched as a state-of-the-art facility for cycling, weight training and endurance training, with just about every type of workout equipment found in commercial fitness centers.

Photo of MLife Clinic

MLife Clinic opened in December 2017.

Senior Vice President of Business Operations Peter Shopp Jr. said the two new benefits were added to distinguish the company from other employers in the region. “The clinic started because our CEO ran into an executive from Apple in Austin at an event. They had just recently put a clinic in place there, and that’s what started us on the process with both the clinic and the fitness center,” Shopp said. “It’s part of being innovative, especially if you talk to some of the IT web people. Those are the kinds of job perks they’re looking for. We want to be a leader, ahead of everyone else, so we continually look for options that will help us do that.”

Photo of MFitness.

MFitness opened for Mouser Electronics employees in December 2017.

Mouser Electronics serves roughly 600,000 customers in the tech industry in more than 170 countries as an authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for more than 700 manufacturers. The company employs nearly 2,000 employees worldwide with more than 850 of those employees working in the Mansfield distribution center.

The current job openings come as part of the company’s growth as it expands globally and takes on more share of the market, said Tina Sears, vice president of warehouse operations. The Mansfield headquarters and distribution center processes orders for countless electronic components and ships all over the world at the rate of about 14 orders per minute.

Photo of box on conveyor belt.

Mouser Electronics in Mansfield, Texas processes about 14 orders per minute.

Mellenthin said the jobs that need to be filled in the coming weeks range from order pullers, warehouse supervisors and customer service assistants to web developers, pricing specialists and management.

Job seekers start the interview process by completing an online application. Job candidates who speak multiple languages have an advantage. Currently, the global company is especially looking for candidates who speak Portuguese.

Shopp said local job seekers are preferred rather than long-distance commuters. “We get a lot of people from the south and around Arlington; we’re close to home, and it’s a better way of life for them with a shorter commute and less traffic,” Shopp said.