Here’s a look at what are advertisers are saying.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to advertise in the SouthwestNOW Magazine. From the first day the issue came out, I received five inquiries. Three of them moved in. We continue to get inquires from the magazine with good results. I highly recommend NOW Magazines if you want success in your business. The first move in paid for our ad.
Julie Dungan, Marketing Director of Arbor House, Duncanville
Advertiser since May, 2010

I would love to share how the NOW Magazine has helped us out. The main thing that I can say is that no matter where we go, people know who we are because they have seen our pics in NOW Magazines. A lot of times, that is when they ask us questions about their health problems and ask us if chiropractic can help them or not!
Dr. David Marcial & Dr. Natasha Maza Marcial, Owners of Hometown Chiropractic, Ennis & Waxahachie
Advertiser since February, 2010

We are proud to be a part of our community’s hometown magazine, the BurlesonNOW Magazine, since its inception. As the only locally owned community bank chartered in Burleson, we are happy to have an outlet to reach out to so many local households and businesses with such a positive impact.
Erin Russell, Marketing Representative, First National Bank of Burleson
Advertiser since September, 2007

I truly appreciate the enthusiasm and integrity of NOW Magazines and my sales representative, Teresa Banks. Teresa works with our hectic schedules to make sure our ads are as we like them. It is challenging to get all of the staff available for pictures on the same day and time. I am not a marketing or sales expert, and I appreciate the professionalism and advise Teresa has given us. I am happy that we chose NOW Magazines as our main advertising venue.
Kim Snoddy, Owner of Preferred Image Salon Day Spa, Burleson
Advertiser since February, 2009

I am very picky where I spend my marketing dollars. In today’s economy, as a business owner, I have to be very careful where I choose to spend those allotted funds. To use marketing dollars on print ads is fast becoming a thing of the past, especially in Real Estate. The only print advertising we do is with the NOW Magazine. I feel the quality of the magazine and its distribution area makes it worth the investment. The staff is easy to work with, and the end result is great.
Harper Team/Keller Williams Real Estate, Corsicana
Advertiser since July, 2007

NOW Magazines has been a great source of promotion for our health seminars. Our first month of advertising yielded such a large response, that we had to open a second date to accommodate all of the interested participants. The price is unbelievable for the volume of readership. The design team is great, and John takes great care of us by making sure we meet all of our deadlines. I would highly recommend John Powell and Now Magazines for your advertising needs.
Kathy Hatfield, Director of Marketing, Red Oak Drug/The Prescription Shop, Waxahachie
Advertiser since August, 2010

ArtisticEdge has had the most success with advertising in the CorsicanaNOW Magazine, more than in other media. The service has been excellent, and the artists who work with our ads are very willing to make sure we have the results we desire. Opening a new, successful business in Corsicana in the historical downtown district would not have been possible without great advertising. Fortunately, we chose CorsicanaNow Magazine, and our first year of business has been much greater than expected. We are continuing to grow and plan on advertising with NOW Magazines for many years to come. Thanks to the sales force for excellent service and to the artist staff members for their creative talent and their patience.
Rebecca Tomberlin, Owner, ArtisticEdge Studio, Corsicana
Advertiser since October, 2009

We always receive great results. If you want a return on your advertising dollars, you have to advertise with the SouthwestNOW Magazine.
LouAnn Alcaraz, Chick-Fil-A, Cedar Hill
Advertiser since November, 2008

Advertising in NOW Magazines has led to a generous flow of clients to my law office. I believe in NOW Magazines and the potential to reach new clients in the area.
Michael Crawford,  Attorney at Law, Corsicana
Advertiser since August, 2010

I would like to take this time to express my thanks to Teresa Banks and the NOW Magazine of Burleson and Mansfield. These past few years, I have been a mentor to my daughters, Brittney Anthony and Kelly Mason. Brittney owns Tiger Shark Scuba at I-20 and Little Rd. in Arlington, and Kelly owns Burleson Child Development Center in Burleson. In the past, when I was asked what our major form of advertising was, my answer was the newspaper. Now my answer is the NOW Magazine. I personally look forward to receiving this magazine every month. I read it from cover to cover. I enjoy that it is directly about the community, the people in the community and is well written. Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, I owned a child care facility of 450 children and 45 employees with two locations and 12,800 sq. ft. of buildings and three acres. There were many years of costly advertising and decision making about how to make my advertising dollars go far. I would like to say thanks to NOW Magazines and Teresa. They go that extra mile and still sit down in front of you. I can’t say thanks enough for your expertise. Thanks again,
Patricia Anthony, Burleson & Mansfield
Advertiser since September, 2007

NOW Magazines has been great! They’re easy to work with, and they watch out for me! I can count on my ad rep to call me and make suggestions for changes with my ad, so I can keep focused on my business and not worry about managing my advertising. Thanks so much, NOW Magazines!
Tessa Pierce, CPA, Mansfield
Advertiser since November, 2008

CorsicanaNOW Magazine is a great way to advertise. It reaches lots of households in the surrounding communities. Steve is very easy to work with and helps me to use my advertising dollars very efficiently.
Leesa Ward, Kyle Ward Insurance, Corsicana
Advertiser since January, 2007

My coupon for a $5.00 potato and drink increased my potato sales in three weeks by 38 percent. Went from selling 10 potatoes per day to over 25 per day.
Shawna Patel, Dickie’s BBQ, Cedar Hill
Advertiser since September, 2010