Impact-resistant Roofing

How about an affordable investment in your
home that pays you back in return? There’s a fairly
new product — impact-resistant roofing — that
can do just that. It’s available in shingles that look
like ordinary asphalt shingles (either three-tab or
architectural shingles), as well as other types of
materials such as metal and alternative products.
Regardless of the material you choose, each type
of impact-resistant product tends to stand up much
better to hail than do ordinary shingles; and many
impact-resistant products are rated for higher wind
resistance as well. Here’s how this new type of
roofing can save you money:
• Many insurers offer an annual discount on homeowners
premiums for qualifying roofs. Very important: You’ll want to
check with your insurer or agent before you buy a roof to be
sure the shingles you have in mind qualify for the discount with
your insurance carrier.
• If your roof is not damaged from a wind or hail storm,
you will avoid having a claim and paying a deductible. With
most insurance companies writing higher deductibles these days,
your savings could be substantial. And it’s our experience that
qualifying impact-resistant roofs typically fare very well in storms
that cause considerable damage to ordinary roofs.
Perhaps even more important is the protection you’re adding
for your home and contents if the roof you invest in does a
better job of keeping the elements out. The roof you choose is
your home’s first line of defense in a storm. Everything inside
— including items like pictures and heirlooms that would be
difficult or impossible to replace — is at risk if your roof fails.
For more information on qualifying impact-resistant roofing,
please contact a roofing expert or your insurance carrier.

Written by Adam Rope, a State Farm agent based in Waxahachie