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Yesteryear and Today’s Fashion

Honored by her husband, Daniel, with beautiful homes and jewelry, Lucy Cogdell loved wearing about $25,000 in jewels daily, as she strolled the streets of Granbury in the years before and after the turn of the 20th century. She received guests in her parlor, which was elaborately decorated in gold. This month Lucy, along […]

Life-size Dollhouse

Imagine a Victorian-style dollhouse, filled with dolls. Many little girls dream of receiving such an extravagant gift. Few ever consider making that dream life-size. Barbara Williams dreamed of filling a house with dolls. She joined forces with her sister, Jane Sharp, and Jane’s best friend, Kathy White, to realize their dream. Jane and Barbara […]

Turning the Pages

Morgan Lindsey, RN, is the mother of Levi, a 1-year-old boy born at Lake Granbury Medical Center. Before Levi came into the world, Morgan worked in the obstetrics and gynecology unit as one of LGMC’s nurses. With her husband, Eric, Morgan planned for a healthy family — and their vision involved books. They each […]

Worlds within Worlds

Tucked away in her writing studio, Audrey Fahlberg enjoys a calm and colorful world of her own, as she cocoons inside her cottage at Lakestone Terrace. There’s a world of stories waiting in Audrey’s heart. Hoping to write about her travels in a way that brings to life another world, one that no longer […]

A Good Trip

For Tommy Brisco, every moment is about quality. From his 81-year vantage point, he has no regrets. “If my life ended tomorrow,” he said, “it’s been a good trip.” Making several drives each week on behalf of people who receive Meals on Wheels, Tommy sees roadrunners almost every day. As he travels, musing on […]

Pro-Like Dedication

The greens are fast today on the 18-hole course. The mature trees and tall pampas grass framing each fairway sway with every gust of wind. The water hazards are a delight for the wildlife that find their way to the golf course at the Granbury Country Club. Tucker Allen walks up to the ball […]

Dots, Bams and Cracks

GRANBURY, TEXAS — Early in 1963, Betty Smallin found herself in California, a young mother and housewife who didn’t know anyone in the area. Fortunately, the family next door moved in about the same time. The two young mothers shared a common malady — neither had local friends. The neighbor told Betty about a new […]