Team Spirit

Heather had no idea that running late for work one day would actually reap lifelong benefits. As she rushed past a neighbor and his friend working on a car, she returned a quick and fleeting greeting, not stopping to make eye contact or any other causal exchanges. Not turned off, but actually intrigued, AJ asked his friend to give “the girl running by” a call on his behalf. After a small amount of convincing, she made the first of many phone calls to AJ. “He was talkative!” she laughed as she recounted. “He was also very sweet, funny and kindhearted.” […]

Fundraiser for Fun

Have you or your children ever ridden a horse, a bike, traveled down a zip line, gone fishing or climbed a rock wall? Well, there are children from Duncanville and the surrounding areas, who are physically challenged that would never have the opportunity to do any of these things except for the sponsorship of the Duncanville Lions Club and the Texas Lions Camp at Kerrville, Texas. On April 22 and 23, Armstrong Park in Duncanville will be the destination of competition barbecue smokers, blues lovers and families from all over Texas. The Big Red Smokin’ Blues & BBQ Festival is […]

Setting Strategies

Have you ever met someone, and when they stepped into the room, you knew they were present? There are some who are recognized by their quiet demeanor and few words, yet when they speak, they speak volumes into a circumstance. This is the type of individual John Wayne characterized in The Quiet Man. When it was necessary to speak and be counted, his character spoke, people listened and things happened. This type of person leaves a footprint wherever they go. Ferris City Manager Carl Sherman is that kind of person. As he served DeSoto as mayor, Carl Sherman listened to […]