No Ordinary Garden

First United Methodist Church in Red Oak has been in its location for more than 22 years, and in this time has become a place where believers have gathered to worship, Boys and Girls Scout troops have met and those seeking peace and comfort could find it. Yet as visitors and members approached the […]

A Better Way

One of the most horrific things that could happen to a community happened here. The words “something must be done” no doubt ran through thousands of minds in Midlothian back in October 1987. Two drug-using teenagers discovered the identity of an undercover police officer and murdered him. This story made international news and spurred […]

Get the 2-1-1

Bill Russell is a big fan of 2-1-1. “As a police officer, I fell short of helping people solve their problems,” Bill said. “At the time I was an officer, there was no such thing as 2-1-1. Now that I know the value of a 2-1-1 card, it hurts me to think I spent […]

Aggie Spirit

As a new school year rolls around and A&M University prepares to welcome its largest freshman class ever — with 8,200 new students — former A&M students in the Ennis area like to gather to wish Aggie students well. “In July or August, before the kids go back to school, we have a big […]

Two Sides to Every Story

As young children, most of us probably thought our teachers lived at school, slept at school and that teaching was their life — essentially they had no outside life. We never fathomed the possibility that they had a family, children or a home, let alone hobbies and interests other than teaching! Well Fred Lagomarsino, […]