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Help wanted – 150 positions open at Mansfield company

With low unemployment figures and a growing world economy, companies are getting more creative in luring good talent to their workforce. Case in point is Mouser Electronics in Mansfield, Texas. Already the city’s largest private employer, the Berkshire Hathaway company announced in late February that it seeks to add more than 150 full-time employees to its global headquarters and distribution center in the coming weeks. Rather than merely touting their competitive wages, the company is upping the ante when it comes to attracting and retaining good talent. “We’ve just opened a health clinic on-site for employees,” said Tracey Mellenthin, vice […]

Team Spirit

Heather had no idea that running late for work one day would actually reap lifelong benefits. As she rushed past a neighbor and his friend working on a car, she returned a quick and fleeting greeting, not stopping to make eye contact or any other causal exchanges. Not turned off, but actually intrigued, AJ asked his friend to give “the girl running by” a call on his behalf. After a small amount of convincing, she made the first of many phone calls to AJ. “He was talkative!” she laughed as she recounted. “He was also very sweet, funny and kindhearted.” […]

A Smart Alternative

This coming July, while many students are getting bored with their long summer vacation, a group of students from Mansfield ISD’s Ben Barber Career Tech Academy will be competing to be the first to cross the finish line in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during the Solar Car Challenge. “We spend a lot of time designing, building and racing our car, and we are so proud to see it doing well,” Zach Davis said. To motivate students in science and engineering the Solar Car Challenge was founded in 1993 by Dr. Lehman Marks of The Winston School in Dallas, and it currently attracts […]